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She arrived at our interview on a sweltering Friday morning in a hotel suite on the Las Vegas strip with a small entourage of two other budding social media influencers, Amber Vixx and Stefanie Joy (also not their names).

After our interview, she and her friends will probably hit the pool at a local apartment complex and do what millennials do: eat pizza and play out their lives in front of tiny, portable cameras.

By Cham Victor Bama The concept that without the Buea University, UB, Buea is nothing is slowly but surely resurfacing to be the truth.

The good, the bad and the ugly within the Buea community only comes from UB.

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In the Bamenda Grassfields, those who claim Tikar origin include Nso, Kom, Bum, Bafut, Oku, Mbiame, Wiya, Tang, War, Mbot, Mbem, Fungom, Weh, Mmen, Bamunka, Babungo, Bamessi, Bamessing, Bambalang, Bamali, Bafanji, Baba (Papiakum), Bangola, Big Babanki, Babanki Tungo, Nkwen, Bambili and Bambui. They share their language with the Language The Tikar people speak Bantoid language, also called Tikar.

Buea-based youth activist and a keen observer of youth immoral practices in the South West Region Mr Awanto Olive Ngum recently described the entire female schooling class of the Buea University as prostitutes, shameless and thief’s.

To him,no other adjectives can best describe the girls apart from the aforementioned. He was talking to Eden recently in Buea on the count up to the malicious and immoral practices that prevail in the Buea community perpetrated by the mostly University going young girls and of which the Buea University possesses an unbeatable rank in the game of life.

I’ve had three children and, despite the ants, I haven’t been able to breastfeed any of them.''My breasts grew really fast. I really resent my mother.''Sometimes, I can’t breathe because the bandage is so tight.

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We are not a regular copycat marketing firm repeating what can be done by anyone.

The Bamilekè refer to themselves as Bamilekè when speaking with non- Bamilekè tribes but specify their kingdoms when speaking with other Bamilekè tribe members.