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05-Oct-2016 20:27

Any colorful “pet custody” battles you hear about on the media are simply part of property division proceedings.

However, that could all change, at least in Alaska, where divorce statutes now require the court to consider “the well-being of the animal,” explicitly empowering judges to assign joint custody of pets.

While division of assets and child support could work in this scenario if you and your spouse agree, if one of you changes your mind, you will not have legal protection.

You cannot remarry either until you have obtained a divorce.

Lawyers must modify and change the way they prepare for highly conflictual cases in these changing times.

To do so, they need to understand and know the right questions to ask about social media.

The answer to this straightforward question can be anything but simple.

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” Since the formal legal process of divorce can last months (or sometimes years), this question raises an important concern for anyone in uniform who is pending a divorce.

The purposes and consequences of searches of social media produce rich information which can be used by and against litigants on trial or in settlement negotiations.

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