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04-Aug-2016 14:16

It’s a contract first web service that uses JAXB for the binding.

The focus area is how to configure and use Spring WS.

At the inception of Web Services, the buzz was about its simplicity and interoperability.

Now a days, most organizations face great complexity with regards to Web Services implementations.

A full project isn’t included here, just excerpts from the code where it deviated from the tutorial.

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SOAP web services can be considered as completely opposite to remote procedure calls (RPCs) in terms of decoupling and performanec, because SOAP provides a very high level of decoupling but not for free.

In this kind of technique, the xml schema and the wsdl are generated by the framework.

The ones I’ve used were Metro web services and Apache CXF. It was so easy to use that you simply use annotations, deploy it to a web server, then … There goes the xml schema and the wsdl generated on the fly. It too works very well with a client generated by wsimport from the command line.

This this will read the contents of the body directly from the stream.

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However, when this setting is enabled, the payload can only be read once.

Next, I changed Action Interceptor Impl to use Wss4j Security Interceptor With NClients instead of Wss4j Security Interceptor.

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