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The film is a biblical soap-opera whose action unfolds in the Californian desert.

Karen and Wes's marriage is crumbling apart - like a sandcastle. See full summary » Julia runs a trendy bar in Barcelona. See full summary » In this scathing and subversive social comedy, life in post riot Los Angeles is dissected under the sardonic eye of John Boyz, an unemployed thirty nothing flounderer on Venice Beach who is... police detective John Harris is sent to London to help a local task force investigate a series of gangster killings organized by a new player in town - an American.

He has received several awards during his career and won an International Emmy for Best Actor.

He has also been nominated for a BAFTA and Saturn Award.

The story of two very different men, a horrific car accident, and a crime committed deep in the woods.

Various facts and stories are cautiously presented, but the pieces of the puzzle don't fall into place straight away.

Bean was born in Handsworth, a suburb of Sheffield, which was then part of West Riding of Yorkshire (the County of South Yorkshire was created in 1974).

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From the start of the movie it seemed as though something exciting was going to happen and then just as you completely lost interest in the bad script and bad acting (especially the actor who plays Phil)the "Crew" saves 2 people from a burning boat.He’s cut from the same chiselled, masculine material as Robert Mitchum, with whom he shares a dimpled chin and a taste for complex heroes.He has stature and an often intimidating authority on screen, so it’s a surprise to discover, when we meet in Berlin, that he’s an unthreatening 5’10” in person – and wholly hospitable.He means it casually, but the phrase has a stray menace.

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It’s the sort of line one of his film characters might mutter as they sat, quietly dominating a scene, absorbing new information, working out what to do with it.

From that point you are supposed to like the crew and hate the 2 people and then later on feel sorry for and like the 2 people and hate Phil.