Who is jodie sweetin dating

10-Feb-2017 02:59

Jodie Sweetin's estranged husband has concocted a diabolical plot to make her look like a relapsing drug addict ... Jodie just called in to "TMZ Live," telling us she's got a hunch as to who started the false rumors about her entering rehab for substance abuse -- and strongly insinuated that her estranged husband Morty Coyle is the mastermind.

She said, "Breakups are hard and certain people [her husband] don't make them easier. You never really know someone until you break up with them."As we reported, Sweetin filed for legal separation from Coyle in June.

In 2011, she appeared in five webisodes of the internet show Can't Get Arrested.

In 2012, she appeared as Leia in the TV film Singled Out.

The adoption was not formalized until she was two years old because her birth father was one-fourth Native American.

Years later, she said she was told not to talk about her adoption publicly out of fear that people would think she was forced into acting.

Cops arrived and spoke with Jodie, who told them he had a gun in one of the bedrooms.

But once this wraps and I have a little bit of free time, we're going to start jumping into the planning." This would have been the fourth marriage for Sweetin.

actress Jodie Sweetin has filed for divorce from her estranged husband Morty Coyle, the actress confirms to Us Weekly, and it’s close to being finalized.